Project overview

Yumerium is a blockchain-based gaming platform supporting PC, mobile and VR games. With blockchain and smart contract technology, Yumerium can offer solutions to problems with traditional games along with the introduction of the earn-to-play model with digital scarcity and crypto incentive system built in. Loyal gamers are properly compensated, and game developers reach new audiences with transparent marketing tools.

As a platform for games, Yumerium will provide technical platform for games to integrate key functions like payment, ownership management, incentive system, and a gaming token with real value. The last function, the gaming token, is the most important of all, as it can be used for every aspect of building, distributing, enjoying next generation games.

Yumerium makes it very easy for any game developer to join the ecosystem. Indeed, with the Yumerium SDK, along with support from the Yumerium team, developers can easily attach Yumerium to an existing project. What’s more, Yumerium is dedicated to creating the SDK for all major game engines, also minor ones upon request.


Token model

The Yumerium token is a utility token with real value designed for all gameplay and game development processes. Thus, games based on Yumerium can attract gamers by providing earning (“mining”) opportunities of Yumerium token, which can be used to purchase games or items in all games that support Yumerium. It will also be a game publishing platform for game developers to reach the Yumerium community with promotion tools and incentives associated with Yumerium, including but not limited to: Allocation of “Seeding Fund” that will be open for earning (“mining”) by players; “Marketing budget” that incentivize players to play and share with their friends, and to speculate and review games for fellow gamers for Yumerium rewards; Crowdfunding opportunity that gives game developers the opportunity to test their games with the Yumerium community and get funding for their game if the campaign is successful.

YUM Tokens can only be obtained by playing games with Token Reward campaigns, reviewing games with the Influencer Compensation program, or purchasing from the Yumerium Native Token reserves.



The Yumerium whitepaper is extensive and detailed. All information about the different functions of the platform as well as the role of the different actors are well defined. The token model is also clearly explained. The go to market strategy, the team members and the roadmap are also present which is always a plus. The only minor issue with the whitepaper is that there aren’t clearly defined sections explaining the token model and the features of the platform. They are detailed part by part over the entire whitepaper.



Jikhan Jung – Chief Executive Officer
A serial entrepreneur, Jikhan brings over 15 years of gaming industry. CEO of Subdream Studios, a gaming studio focusing on making games on innovative platforms. He is also serving as CSO for Exa Labs, an innovative cryptocurrency exchange and also board of director of VR Plus, the biggest VR Arcade franchise in Korea. Previously, CEO of COLOPL NI, Inc., Executive Producer at Kabam, Co-founder and CEO of Gala-Net, Inc. At Gala-Net, he operated multiple online games with the gaming portal “gPotato”, which he successfully had an M&A exit with Webzen.

Francisco Martin – Chief Gaming Officer
A recent graduate, Francisco has an impressive portfolio given his 2-year experience in the industry. As the CTO of Subdream Studios, he released Galaga Fever, a VR take on the classic Bandai-Namco arcade game. Galaga Fever uses proprietary hardware for a unique VR experience, which can only be played in VR Zone Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to his work at Subdream Studios, he was the Game Director at Virtual World Arcade, where he made a couple of games, the most popular being Prism Break, a local multiplayer VR game.

Jaehyun Lee – Chief Security Officer
CEO of Hurbit, an online cryptocurrency exchange and creator of Burn coin. Previously, CEO of Super Bee and Zen Software.


Yumerium roadmap

ICO terms

The token sale lasts from September 2nd to November 10th.

Ticker: YUM
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 YUM = 0.1 USD
Hardcap: 20,000,000$
Presale: 1,700,000$
Total Tokens: 633,813,700 YUM
Available for Token Sale: 50%
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH/ 7000 ETH
Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD

Yumerium had a bounty campaign in April and May 2018 where they distributed 2% of the total tokens (worth $1.2M USD) to participants who created/promoted content on different social media channels or provided translation services for the whitepaper.

Token distribution

Yumerium token

Use of funds




Community hype

Telegram: 12,977 members
Twitter: 6,809 followers
Facebook: 4,132 likes



  • Gamers can earn tokens simply by playing games on Yumerium and then use those tokens to buy more games.
  • The Yumerium team consists of experienced game developers from Subdream Studios and VR Plus and experienced blockchain developers from Exa Labs.
  • Subdream Labs is already a successful gaming company with 29 arcade locations in Korea
  • Yumerium helps indie game developer to crowdfund their game


Red flags

  • There are already many big blockchain-based gaming platforms and what Yumerium offers isn’t that different from its competitors.
  • According to their roadmap, Yumerium is behind. Also, the roadmap only goes to Q1 2019.
  • Even though Yumerium will implement games from Subdream Studio, those games are not very popular, so they won’t contribute substantially to user adoption.



Team: 9.3/10

The Yumerium team is very impressive. They are extremely experienced in game developing, blockchain technology and entrepreneurship. They also have a solid advisory team backing them.

Token Model: 5.5/10

The token model is interesting. The fact that users can earn tokens by participating in the network, instead of by just staking or mining is innovative. On the other hand, the token is pretty much only used as a payment method for games or for “crowdfunding campaigns”.

Token Distribution: 6/10

There doesn’t seem to be any lockup period for the 20% of tokens allocated to the team/advisors which is always a concern. Also, investors that participated in the private sale received their token immediately which is also concerning. The only redeeming factor is the fact that 2% of all tokens were distributed during a bounty campaign.

State of the Project: 7/10

The Yumerium platform is live and there are already games available on it. It’s quite rare for an ICO project to have a working product when raising funds so Yumerium gains points on that front. However, their roadmap ends in Q1 2019, with no concrete plans concerning future updates and their userbase is still very small.

Market: 8.8/10

The video game industry is definitely one the better fit for blockchain technology. Not only is it a massive, constantly growing industry, it is not entirely dominated by big companies, instead leaving room for indie developers. Even though there are already many blockchain-based video game platforms, Yumerium still can succeed in the space.


ICON score: 7.3/10



At Icon Partners, we find Yumerium to be a promising project that offers innovative and more engaging ways for users to earn tokens. The fact that those tokens can then be used to buy more games gives an incentive for users to hold their tokens for a while, instead of directly selling them off. The team is impressive and can leverage the resources and experience from the companies they come from. This will allow them to reach a wider userbase faster than their competitors. Even though Yumerium isn’t that different from other platforms such as Refereum and The Abyss, it is operating in a different market and we think it will be successful in attracting a significant userbase and become a thriving ecosystem.

We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions when investing in an ICO. All the information in this review are either facts or ICON Partners’ opinions and should not be used as investment advice.


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