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Waves (WAVES)

Project Description


Waves coin is a decentralized financial trading platform written in Scala and built on its own blockchain with custom tokens being its main feature. Custom tokens, or ‘Custom Application Tokens (CATs), allow for a wide range of uses. They enable decentralized crowdfunding as well as transferring, trading and storing of fiat and digital currencies. In essence, a custom token can represent any value assigned to it while being cryptographically secured through the Waves blockchain.

The involvement of mass audience is of utmost importance. This reflects in the ease-of-use of the wallet, the resemblance of the user interface to traditional online banking applications and the fast set-up process of the native wallet through a Lite Client, eradicating the need for a blockchain download. On the other hand, Waves Platform encourages advanced users, namely blockchain developers and businesses, to create their project on top of the Waves blockchain through its public API and cutting-edge technology.


– Fastest decentralized exchange

– You can lease your WAVES and get returns with the Leased Point of Stake feature on their platform

– The platform allows for the creation of tokens “in under 5 minutes”


– They haven’t implemented decentralized voting yet

– WAVES coin is traded not on many exchanges

– The WAVES clients aren’t intuitive or visually appealing

– The platform still doesn’t support smart contract so tokens currently built on Waves are very limited in functionality

Network Status

The Waves platform mainnet has been up since December 2017.


Q1 2018:

– Smart contracts (non-turing)
– Hardware wallets, shapeshift
– Mobile apps update
– Decentralized voting
– Simple messaging

Q2 2018:

– Atomic swap
– Voting (front-end)

Q3 2018:

– Messaging, off-chain, front-end

Q4 2018:

– Lite-client
– Turing complete smart contracts


The Waves Platform is running its own blockchain based on a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. Waves’ supply is fixed at 100 million WAVES. No more than that are ever going to be issued. The reward for forgers is solely coming from transaction fees included in the forged block.

Holding WAVES coin currently doesn’t give you any voting power, but decentralized voting is on the roadmap for Q1 2018.

A decentralized, manipulation-free voting system will allow projects built on top of the platform to communicate and make decisions hand in hand with their community. Due to the distributed nature of Waves, a reputation system is on the road map whose function will be to assign a certain reputation score to an account based on its network activity and other parameters.


Waves is similar to Ethereum and NEO, because you can create new tokens on its platform. It’s also similar to BitShares since they are both decentralized exchanges.

Notable partnerships

Waves is partnered with Deloitte, Russia’s Central Securities Depository, Russian Burger King and more.

Waves Coin Exchange

WAVES is traded on Bittrex, Binance and Tidex.


Waves is a blockchain layer.


Reddit: 7 599 subscribers
Twitter: 96.9k followers

Price history

Feb-1-2018: 6.91 USD
Dec-2017: 4.69 USD
Sept-2017: 5.90 USD
July-2017: 3.72 USD

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