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Walton (WTC)

Project Description


Walton WTC is the only truly decentralized platform combining blockchain with the Internet of Things (IoT) via RFID technology. Their unique, patented RFID chips are able to able to read/write directly to the blockchain without human intervention, creating a genuine, trustworthy, and traceable business ecosystem, with complete data sharing and absolute information transparency.

The Walton WTC ecosystem works with a parent chain (Waltonchain) and sub chains. The sub chain can be customized to support all the functional features of the parent chain, or can be limited to certain functional features to achieve the customization of the appropriate features. Support custom features mainly include sub chain token transactions, sub-chain token and parent chain token transactions, cross sub chain token transactions, smart contracts, aliases, voting system, account control, instant messaging, and data storage.

Since the WTC transactions are only recorded in the parent chain, the parent chain runs independently of the sub chain. The nodes running on the parent chain only need to save the parent chain data to conduct consensus and validation of Walton WTC transaction blocks. This flexible creation mechanism of WTC sub chain makes the sub chain scalable, the state of the sub-chain has no effect on the completeness and safety of the parent chain.


– WaltonChain has created their own RFID chip, trackers, and scanners (which also have embedded miners)

– WaltonChain has real-world uses by enabling retail items to be tracked from start to the end of their lifecycle.

– The mainnet will be released with 3 working side-chains


– Poor communication with the western world

– WTC are utility tokens that are meant to be used as much as possible, but Walton uses masternodes which promotes people to just stake their tokens and not use them

Network Status

The main net is due for Q2 2018. The beta has been up since December 2017.


2018.03: Walton wallet release
Q2 2018: Mainnet release

Walton WTC Governance

The Walton WTC parent chain conducts block consensus and validation based on the Proof of Stake & Trust (PoST) consensus mechanism. PoST is an innovative updated version based on the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

Each step of a product’s lifecycle is managed by masternodes: production, warehousing, logistics, stores. Each node is rewarded according to the contribution in the form of Waltoncoin. The number of awards can be determined based on the workload or the work quality of the corresponding node or the specific situation of the application.


Walton is similar to IOTA since they are both focused on IoT. It is also similar to Lisk because they both have the same parent chain/side chain architecture.

Notable partnerships

Walton is in partnership with over 15 companies including Septwolves, Xiangyu Group and Kehua. They also currently have 3 government contracts.


WTC is traded on Binance, OKEx, HitBTC and Kucoin.


Walton is a blockchain layer.


Reddit: 15 454 subscribers
Twitter: 36.8k followers

Price history

Feb-6-2018: 21.11 USD
Dec-2017: 6.79 USD
Sept-2017: 0.56 USD

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