While 2017 was the first big year of mainstream awareness for the crypto industry, 2018 will be the year many of the well capitalized projects actually ship functional products. Most hyped new blockchains and DAGs will be launching their mainnet or making significant improvements through forks that will enhance their capabilities versus Bitcoin and Ethereum. We will also see the debut of on-chain governance on multiple blockchains 3.0, which should be an interesting experiment for decentralized software ecosystems for the upcoming crypto milestone.


We analyzed the roadmap of all 60 Altcoins we profiled thus far in order to provide the community with a comprehensive calendar and list of updates and milestones to look for in 2018. You can find the full calendar here.


Here is what we are most excited about for every remaining quarter of 2018.


Q2 2018



  • Mainnet Launch: State channels, protocol-level oracles, hybrid PoW-PoS model and on-chain governance.


Bitcoin Cash

  • Protocol Upgrade (May 15th): 32mb blocks for faster transaction speed and volume, basic smart contracts.



  • Shelley v.1: Staking delegation and staking pool, consensus incentive and fees, multisig transactions, on-chain governance.



  • Evolution v.1 (June): DashPay, DAPI (Decentralized API). Will create a paypal like experience, allowing users to connect to shops and send DASH in a very user-friendly way.



  • Mainnet Launch: Launch of EOSIO 3.0, freeze ERC-20 version of the token to switch to EOS’s mainnet, on-chain governance.



  • ICO Platform Launch + ISS: Release of ICONest (May 11th) to help projects ICO on ICON, the ICX/ETH decentralized exchange, the Incentive Scoring System to reward nodes.



  • Blockchain Application Platform launch: dApp management, custom token creation, dApp registration for the upcoming crypto.



  • Honte: Deployment of the OmiseGO network, laying the foundations in preparation for Plasma.



  •  Mainnet Launch: Launch of the TRON blockchain, migration of platforms, super representatives election.



  • VeChain v3.0: Services related to VeChain token, gas exchange, audit service, swap available with VEN to switch to VeChain’s own chain.



  • Mainnet Launch: compatibility with Ethereum, PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, improved hash algorithm, support of WTC transactions on the mainnet, improved mining reward.



  • Wanchain v2.0: Integration with Ethereum, multi-coin wallet.


Q3 2018



  • Live Launch: Augur will launch with only one bet at first ‘Will Augur be hacked?



  • Support for trading advanced financial instruments



  • Network Upgrade 1 – Sapling (September): improvements regarding the performance of shielded transactions and security



  • Mainnet Launch: conversion of the ERC20 ZIL tokens into the Zilliqa chain, sharding, smart contract beta.


Q4 2018



  • Phase 2-Denali: Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) Version 1, Aion scripting language, Proof-of-Intelligence Consensus Algorithm.



  • Decentralized exchange: Release of a cross-chain compatible decentralized exchange, integration of the Plasma technology.



  • Mainnet Launch (December): launch of RhoVM, multi-chain design (sharding), namespaces.



  • VeChain v4.0: Integration with the IoT, addition of commercial, ecological and environmental features on the VeChain platform.



  • Wanchain v3.0: Integration with Bitcoin, multi-coin wallet.



  • Features Upgrade: implementation of Turing complete smart contracts, Lite client tune up.


Of course a lot more is happening in the crypto shere and we encourage our readers to make their own research to see what will impact the growth of their favorite cryptoassets. 2018 will definitely be a game-changing year across the board.


Upcoming crypto

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