4 years after the Ethereum ICO, we now have over 2000 cryptocurrencies available on the market and more than 1100 token, worth $15bn. It is fair to say that tokenization has been a major trend since 2017 as the world went through it’s “Tokenize everything” phase. Although the ICO boom has greatly slowed down, we now have hundreds of funded projects across various industries and some might become the next major tech incumbents over the next 5 to 10 years.


We have identified and profiled 367 token projects split between 45 industries. Most of them are listed on or are high profile projects that will be launching soon. With the sheer size of this research, we might have forgotten or omitted some tokens but feel free to reach out via Twitter if you would like to see your project listed.



Here are a few stats about the research:

  • A total of $11.73B was raised across all projects profiled
  • The most popular industries are: money management (32), commerce (23), exchanges (22), data (17) and computing (14)
  • The industries with the most live projects are: exchanges (16), money management (12), commerce (10), payments (10) and tokenization (10)
  • The industries that have the most tokens in the top 500 of coinmarketcap are: money management (25), exchanges (15), commerce (11), data (10) and social (9)
  • The industries with the highest average raise are: video-$128M (Tatatu raised $575M), hardware-$95M (Sirin Labs raised $158M), storage-$83M (Filecoin raised $257M), mining-$60M (Envion raised $100M) and interoperability-$57M (Polkadot raised $201.8M).


You can find the google sheet link here  


Don’t hesitate to send us the projects you would like to see added to this list so that we can gradually grow it into a full comprehensive landscape of the token ecosystem.


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This document is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in this document are not, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations.