Project overview

Thrive labs is a premium advertising platform where everyone can place an order for advertising and receive a review. The platform will be a marketplace where advertisers, reviewers and consumers meet. The advertiser leaves a request for advertisement placement. With this placement, according to the team, only sites with high traffic will be used; control of unwanted influence will also occur. Reviewers can leave feedback on ads and receive a reward from the platform. Consumers can make money by viewing advertising, as well as by providing some anonymous behavioral information.

The client software package is the core of Thrive Labs Blockchain. It is to be installed by reviewers and consists of three different components: a wallet, a ledger and the site review form handling engine. The client is a typical Blockchain node, the wallet has a coded address that identifies the node itself and the ledger contains transactions data. The reviewer GUI is used to manage the forms and to provide another type of statistics that are useful to reviewers, such as the number of sites to review, mining difficulty and Thrive platform KPIs.

Thrive Labs will develop a browser extension that will be available for all major browser. It will enable consumers to be rewarded while navigating (1.5 EUR/GB equivalent). A wallet balance will be displayed in the GUI. Thrive will also develop a mobile browser that will track users’ behavior, temporally store them on client-side storage and then send to Thrive Labs with asynchronous calls in JavaScript (Ajax, RPC).


Token model

The Thrive Token (THRT) is an ERC-20 standard Token. Once Thrive releases their own blockchain, all Thrive tokens will be converted to Thrive Coins in a 1:1 ratio.

The Thrive Coin will be the only currency used on the platform’s marketplace.

Also, Reviewers and Users get rewarded in THRT for using Thrive. Reviewers are rewarded in tokens with Thrive’s meritocratic model that assigns a token equivalent prize of 10€ to each winning reviewer plus 5€ to be shared among the 20% top contributors. Additionally, Users get rewarded 1.5€/GB (up to 3GB/month) for anonymous data sharing. All data will be treated fully anonymously in respect of all GDPR 2018 laws and regulations. Once segmented and profiled, data will be permanently deleted.



The whitepaper is poorly structured, making it quite confusing to follow. There are tons of grammatical errors and it looks like no formatting was done which is unprofessional since this is the version 11.0 of the whitepaper. The token model is extremely high level and poorlu explained. They focus mostly on why their platform is better than their competitors’, but they don’t really explain how their platform works.



May 2018: Thrive BC release Alpha stage. Alpha testing.

June 2018: Ad platform development

September 2018: Beta testing

November 2018: Thrive ecosystem 1.0. Mass launch and ramp up

December 2018: DMP integration and ad marketplace launch



Cataldo Franzone – CTO
Chief technical officer at WEBOOM LTD, JustWith, formerly: Information Systems Manager at CDC Energy srl.

Giuseppe Calabrò – COO
Executive director of Business development at WEBOOM LTD, JustWith, formerly: Site Manager at ITSolution, technical manager at CDC Energy srl.

Viviana Carcione – CMO
Marketing Director at WEBOOM LTD, co-owner and founder of JustWith, formerly: teacher at MIUR.

The Thrive team is experienced in software engineering and entrepreneurship. The founders have worked together on 3 different startups that all succeeded which shows that they know how to run a startup. The fact that they have a blockchain expert in-house is also beneficial because they won’t have to rely exclusively on advisors on that front.


ICO terms

Ticker: THRT
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 THRT = 0.31 USD (0,25 EURO)
Hardcap: 30,600,000 USD (25,000,000 EURO)
Sold on pre-sale: 10,000,000 USD
Total Tokens: 200,000,000 THRT
Available for Token Sale: 53%
Min/Max Personal Cap: 250 EURO/ TBA
Accepts: ETH, BTC, LTC
Unsold tokens: burned

A dynamic Hard Cap increase of 10% will be triggered in case the sale reaches 95% of the declared hardcap. The 10% increase will be covered by Team Tokens in order to avoid printing additional ones.


Thrive is doing a Bounty campaign allocating 2% of all tokens following this distribution:

  • Facebook reposts campaign: 10%
  • Twitter reposts campaign: 10%
  • Bitcointalk signature campaign: 30%
  • Bitcointalk translation campaign: 20%
  • Blog and Video campaign: 25%
  • Telegram campaign: 5%


Thrive Labs is also doing an Airdrop of 2,000,000 THRT. The Airdrop includes a referral program that increases the amount of token a user receives depending on how many people they referred.


Token distribution

Thrive labs token distribution

Use of funds

thrive labs fund


Thrive Labs Community hype

Telegram: 41 134 members

Twitter: 9 018 followers

Reddit: 19 subscribers


  • Thrive Labs is owned by Weboom LTD, a successful digital marketing company
  • Their model allows them to offer the lowest fees on the market (7-10% vs 30%+)
  • The team has experience in the startup environment

Red flags

  • The digital advertising market is already very saturated by both regular companies and blockchain-based companies
  • They don’t have a working product yet



Team: 7/10

The Thrive team is very experienced in the startup environment, having worked together in 3 different successful projects. The team members’ skills are complimentary, covering everything from marketing to blockchain technology. However, they don’t have any notable investment funds backing them.

Token Model: 1.25/10

Their token model is mediocre since the token is only used as a means of payment within the ecosystem. Holding THRT doesn’t give any voting rights so governance is centralized. Also, the high velocity of the token will drive its value down in the long run.

Token Distribution: 9/10

In our opinion, their token distribution is exemplary. The team’s tokens are locked for 24 months which is a good indication that they are there for the long run. Also, they are offering 2% of their tokens in a bounty campaign and another 1% in an airdrop which is excellent for giving access to your product to as many people as possible.

State of the Project: 5.7/10

The fact that Thrive doesn’t even have a working prototype is an issue. On the other hand, their roadmap is detailed and focused on development which is important. They are also very transparent with their community about any updates.

Market: 7/10

The digital advertising market is huge and fast growing. It is however saturated by big players already competing for market shares like Google DoubleClick and AOL’s Marketplace. Also, there are many similar blockchain-based solutions that already exist in the digital advertising market like Basic Attention Token and AdEX.

ICON score: 6/10


At ICON Partners, we believe that this project has the right team to make it a success. We do however feel like their token model doesn’t incentivize people enough to use their platform. We feel like Thrive missed out on the opportunity to really use blockchain technology to their advantage. For example, they could have used a token curated registry to guarantee the quality of the publishers and reviewers which would have incentivized the use of the token as well as reduce its volatility.

We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions when investing in an ICO. All the information in this review are either facts or ICON Partners’ opinions and should not be used as investment advice.





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This document is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in this document are not, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations.