Project overview
The Abyss is a next generation digital distribution platform, delivering all types of video games (Free2play MMOs and cryptogames being a key priority), including AAA-titles, to the fast-growing global game community. The Abyss offers a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well.
By joining The Abyss, developers will reduce their marketing expenses and receive an extra income from referral payments made in other games on the platform. The platform offers a fundamentally different logic of advertising interaction to the developers. By directly buying and selling targeted traffic to each other and receiving payments even from users leaving the game, developers become a sort of partners.
The model for interaction is thus altered from being competitive to being collaborative and mutually beneficial. It provides an ability to reduce expenses on being competitive and accordingly entails potential income growth for developers.
The Abyss will be available for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web.
Token model
ABYSS tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interaction on the platform (ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain). After deduction of payment system commission and taxes, the developer receives 70% of each payment, while the platform receives the remaining 30%.
The Abyss users can either use fiat or ABYSS tokens on the platform, but using tokens gives users a discount on the price of games and access to many additional features.
Motivational programs are financed from the Reward Bank which is formed by the remainder of the budget from broken referral chains and the token reserve.
The preliminary distribution for the Reward Bank is planned as follows: 60% for Game achievements (personal and collaborative), 25% for Syndicates (Masternodes) and 15% for Content creation.
A syndicate is a collaborative game activity enabling receipt of an additional income depending on the rating of the syndicate.
ABYSS tokens can also be used to participate in auctions to buy or sell game components or non-play badges of various types. 3% of the sum of the transaction goes to the platform, 5% to the game.
Finally, ABYSS tokens are used to pay for the Internal CPA (Cost Per Action) Network. On The Abyss platform, developers get access to a universal advertising account for bringing in targeted traffic (interested in the game) with the following possibilities: Offer one’s own traffic to other games; purchase traffic from other games via clear targeting and offers; get external traffic, connecting leads to the internal system for statistics.
The Abyss offers a multilevel referral program where Players are offered individual referral programs in which an income is paid based on a five-level referral chain comprised of friends brought in and users brought in by friends. The affiliate marketing is available for both players and developers where the participants who are the first to bring in users to the platform earn the maximum income. 1/3 of the platform’s net revenue from user payments is distributed to referral program as follows:
Their whitepaper is extensive and detailed. All the information about the token model and about how the different actors act within the platform is precise and easy to understand. This is particularly important since their token model is quite complicated due to their token having several uses within the platform.
Konstantin (Sephiroth) Boyko-Romanovsky – Founder 17+ years of experience in the game industry. Founder of Destiny.Games video game company. A successful blockchain investor, cryptocurrency expert, and technology enterpreneur.
Vladimir Kurochkin – President 12+ years in the game industry, with significant experience in project development and management. At Destiny.Games, he worked his way up from a web project administrator to president.
Vladimir (Vampkill) Martynov – CTO A programmer since 1987 and a Unix system administrator since 1993. He has 17+ years of experience with high-load projects and 14 years as a Chief Technical Officer in the game development industry.
Evgeny Petrov – Chief Marketing Officer 8+ years of experience in marketing field, and 2+ years in the game industry. Prior to joining Destiny.Games, Evgeny worked for the Russian IT giant, Group, contributing to the launch of Revelation, PUBG, Eternal and other projects.
Alexey Kobelev- Tech lead, Blockchain engineer 14+ years of experience in software development. He specializes in the back-end development of full-cycle projects. Alexey has rich experience with managing development teams, organizing processes, and building projects from scratch.
The Abyss’ team is very experienced in the gaming industry, with most employees having over 10 years of experience in it. They also have experience in blockchain technology which is necessary when making an ICO, especially in their case since they don’t have a working platform yet.
Q1 2018: Conducting the Token Sale. Commencing The Abyss platform development.
Q2-Q3 2018: Active phase of platform development. Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project. Partnership agreements with game projects.
Q4 2018: The first version of the platform with the startup game package. API for project integration. Unified bi-currency billing. Unified system of authorization. The first integration of multilevel referral programs.
Q1-Q4 2019: Active development of the platform: Expansion in the number of connected projects; Introducing the personalization and socialization systems; Introducing the detailed reporting system; Introducing the internal CPA Network.
Q1-Q4 2020: The expansion of platform functionality: Motivational programs; The ability of content generation and evaluation; Auction; Syndicates; Joint game achievements.
2020 +: Crowdfunding platform. Further extension of the platform.
ICO terms
The Abyss will raise funds by doing a DAICO. DAICO is an innovative fundraising model that merges some of the benefits of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), aimed at upgrading and making the initial ICO concept more transparent and secure.
The token sale lasts from March 7th to April 7th.
Ticker: ABYSS Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 ABYSS = 0.24 USD Hardcap: 60,000,000 USD Sold on pre-sale: no pre-sale Total Tokens: 603,750,000 ABYSS Available for Token Sale: 60% Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / 10 ETH for days 1-7 Accepts: ETH, BNB
Token Distribution & Use of Funds:
Community hype
Telegram: 44 157 members Twitter: 14 347 followers Facebook: 9 084 likes
– The developer can fully receive his share in fiats, regardless of the currency in which the initial payment was received by the platform
– They are the world’s first DAICO. This is excellent marketing wise.
– Their token sale has been officially approved by the SEC for Reg D exemption
– The team and the founders have extensive experience in the gaming industry
Red flags
– Very large hardcap and no presale to investors leading to high initial valuation.
– They have no working product yet and the first version of the platform is scheduled to be released in Q4 2018.
– If blockchain becomes mainstream, The Abyss’ competitors will have time to tokenize themselves before the full release of the platform.
– The referral pyramid scheme could create bad marketing down the road.
Team: 8.8/10
The team at The Abyss is very experienced in the video game industry, most of them having over 10 years of experience. They each specialize in one aspect which means that the team is well-rounded and that they will not need to rely overly on advisors.
Token Model: 8.25/10
The token model is excellent since the ABYSS token is at the center of their platform. It is needed to use most of the features and gives advantages when uses over fiat currency to buy products. The Abyss is also extremely decentralized since they are doing a DAICO.
Token Distribution: 6.25/10
The Abyss is giving 1% of all their tokens in the bounty campaign, which is one of the best way to advertise their public sale. Their massive referral program will also be very beneficial. However, the company and advisors are keeping 21% of all tokens with only a 1-year lockup. The 60M$ hardcap is also worrisome since they intend to raise everything in public sale.
State of the Project: 6/10
The fact that they don’t even have a beta version live is an issue, but they have an extensive roadmap covering the next 2 years and they are very transparent with their userbase concerning updates.
Market: 6.8/10
The video game platform market is fast growing and can benefit greatly from blockchain technology. However, it is already saturated by big players like Steam, Origin, Uplay and Kongregate.
ICON score: 7.2/10
At ICON Partners, we find this project to be promising. Their platform has many real-world use cases and their token model supports very well what they are trying to achieve. The only issue is that they don’t have a working product yet and that the first version of the platform is scheduled to be released in 6 months minimum. This would be a bigger issue if they were a startup company, but since they are a video game studio with multiple games already published, there are less doubts that they will deliver.
We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions when investing in an ICO. All the information in this review are either facts or ICON Partners’ opinions and should not be used as investment advice.
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This document is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in this document are not, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations.