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RChain (RHOC)

Project Description


RChain (RHOC) is a turing-complete, byzantine fault-tolerant blockchain platform, enabling developers to write concurrent and infinitely scalable decentralized applications. The heart of an RChain is the Rho Virtual Machine (RhoVM) Execution Environment, which runs multiple RhoVM’s which are each executing a smart contract. These execute concurrently and are multi-threaded. This concurrency, which is designed around on the formal models of mobile process calculi, along with an application of compositional namespaces, allows for what are in effect multiple blockchains per node.
RHOCs are an Ethereum ERC20 token issued by the Co-op in early 2017 intended as a vehicle for people to get access to the technology. There are 861,185,194 RHOCs in existence. No more will be minted. RHOCs will be 1:1 redeemable for REVs, a future RChain platform native staking token.


– Infinite scalability in theory, since as the platform grows, nodes simply initialize new instances of RhoVM to manage the load instead of all smart contracts being added on the same blockchain
– Each instance of RhoVM is lightweight and multi-threaded, so multiple high-performance instances can exist on a single node.
– Very strong team consisting of ex Microsoft employees and Vlad Zamfir, who worked on the Ethereum PoS model


Very ambitious project and still no working product yet

Network Status

The RChain network is not up. The Alpha is scheduled to be released in Q2 2018.


Q1 2018: Demonstration of Casper proof-of-stake consensus
Q2 2018: Alpha release, allowing developers to set up multiple nodes that demonstrate Casper and large-content delivery
09.2018: Platform Release “Mercury”


RChain uses the Casper Proof-of-Stake consensus model. The key difference between traditional PoS consensus systems and the Casper PoS is that validators can be punished for not following the rules and trying to validate malicious blocks.
Consensus on the RChain network is happening on a directed acyclic graph of blocks (blockDAG), rather than a blockchain.


RChain is similar to Ethereum and EOS since it is a blockchain application platform. It is also similar to IOTA and RaiBlocks since its architecture is DAG-based instead of a blockchain.

Notable partnerships

RChain is partnered with Pyrofex and Mycelia.


RHOC is traded on Kucoin and EtherDelta.


RChain is a blockchain layer.

RChain Community

Reddit: 1 487 subscribers Twitter: 6 973 followers

Price history

Jan-29-2018: 1.15 USD
Dec-2017: 0.25 USD
Oct-6-2017: 0.19 USD
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