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Project SHIVOM

Project Description

Project overview

The Shivom Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem where people can get their genome sequenced and stored, and an ecosystem where providers can add apps and services to drive personalized medicine, establishing a highly scalable and fully integrated healthcare vertical.

This ecosystem is powered by the Shivom Platform, a blockchain agnostic platform that acts as a marketplace for healthcare providers, contributors and users. The Shivom platform provides a way for people to securely use their genomic data (either via using Shivom DNA kits, or via their healthcare providers or from personal genetic testing services), empowering them to take control of their health by improving access to actionable information and by making more healthy lifestyle choices, particularly to modify their disease risk. Once people have their genome sequenced and uploaded on the Shivom Platform, they will have access to various customized, health-related apps developed by Shivom and third parties. It also facilitates the ability of individuals to monetize their genome and to support scientific research.

Token model

The OmiX token will be the fuel of the Shivom ecosystem and necessary for all transactions that occur on the platform. Users will use the OmiX token to access and procure healthcare related products and services. All parties on the Shivom platform including individuals, pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, insurance companies, universities, employers, etc. will be required to utilize OmiX tokens to settle any activities and transactions to include the procurement of products and services. OmiX tokens also ensure that the identity of genome owners as well as genome data remains anonymous and secure, even across borders.

Additionally, OmiX are rewarded to users simply when they are active on the Shivom platform, whether it be referring someone, updating your health profile, sharing medical data, answering surveys or creating promotional content (articles or videos) for Shivom.


Their whitepaper is extensive and detailed. All the information about the token model and about how the different actors act within the platform is precise and easy to understand.


Axel Schumacher, PhD – Co-Founder & CEO
Axel has over 20 years of R&D leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, and aging & longevity. He is the Author of the ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide’, the standard compendium for the healthcare industry. Axel translates scientific discoveries into practical applications to help understand, diagnose, and treat complex disorders, but also to promote cutting-edge technologies that could transform precision medicine and the way we age. Axel is a Faculty-Member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto. He holds a PhD in Human Genetics from the University of Cologne.

Gourish Singla – Co-Founder & COO
With a background in investment banking and wealth management, Gourish is an accomplished business leader, angel investor and social entrepreneur with a focus on performance, growth and innovation. He drove $30MM+ revenue in his last venture within a highly competitive marketplace and has founded three successful companies in the digital health space. Through Project Shivom, Gourish combines his deep interest in this sector alongside advocacy for blockchain and distributed ledger technology that can make a transformational difference both for business and for wider society.

Sally Eaves, PhD – Co-founder & CMO
Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practicing Professor of FinTech and Global Strategic Advisor, consulting on the application of disruptive technologies for both business and societal benefits. She is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and emergent technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an accomplished author with regular contributions to leading business, technology and academic publications. She is an international keynote speaker and respected online influencer across multiple social media channels and consistently rated in the top 10 for blockchain and social media influencers worldwide.

Per Lind – Co-Founder & CSO
Business development expert &leader in Social Media Management Solutions who knows how to engage social marketing in any organization. Worked with Carlsberg, IKEA, WPP (and associate agencies) and many other global brands. A specialist in sales on the highest possible levels to enterprise customers. He wants to change the world through Experience Management, which is interconnecting companies with their stakeholders to continually improve their brand quality and customer experiences.

Akash Gaurav – Co-Founder & CTO
Akash is a blockchain expert. He started India’s first blockchain company, Auxesis Group during his undergraduate course at IIT Bombay. Auxesis today is counted among the Top 100 blockchain companies in the world. Backed by various state governments of India, Auxexis’ Auxledger enables organizations to quickly deploy a blockchain network and build their business logic on top of it. Akash also started Blockchain Lab, India and is an advisor to the hot blockchain startup Cashaa.

Kumar Gaurav – Co-Founder & Chief Technology Advisor
Kumar is a serial entrepreneur, involved with some of the most exciting fin-tech businesses around the globe. He is among the top 100 most influential people leading the evolution of blockchain and was awarded Extraordinary status (O1) by the United States government. He is the founder of Cashaa, a blockchain based payment & banking startup, and the Chairman of Auxesis Group. He is also a part of the editorial groups of top blockchain media and is a popular international speaker on emerging technologies. He is also the advisor to many blockchain start-ups and incubators in Asia.


The Shivom team is extremely experienced in genomics, blockchain development and entrepreneurship. The fact that they have blockchain experts in-house is necessary since they don’t have a working product yet.


shivom roadmap

ICO terms

The token sale will last from April 16th,2018 to May 16th,2018.

Ticker: OMIX
Token type: ERC20
ICO Token Price: 1 OMIX = 0.0562 USD (0.00014 ETH)
Hardcap: 29,500,000 USD (75,000 ETH)
Sold on pre-sale: no pre-sale
Total Tokens: 3,000,000,000 OMIX
Available for Token Sale: 33%
Min/Max Personal Cap: TBA
Accepts: ETH, BTC, USD


Shivom is currently giving away 30 000 000 OmiX (4200 ETH) in a bounty campaign.

They also had an Airdrop where users received $9 in tokens for registering plus $3 per person referred.

Token distribution

Shivom community

Use of funds

Shivom use of funds

Community hype

Telegram: 69,327 members
Twitter: 45,868 followers
Reddit: 21,507 subscribers


  • Users will be able to purchase OmiX with Fiat directly on the Shivom Platform
  • The Shivom Platform is blockchain agnostic, meaning that they can run it on the blockchain that better fits their needs
  • Very solid team
  • They are backed by many notable investment funds

Red flags

  • Very ambitious project in a market with many other competitors
  • They don’t have a working product yet
  • Shivom is targeting a very niche market


Team: 8/10

The team at Shivom is very experienced in the genomics industry and in entrepreneurship, with some of them having over 20 years of experience. They each specialize in one aspect which means that the team is well-rounded and that they will not need to rely overly on advisors.

Token Model: 3.5/10

The fact that The OMIX token will only be used as a means of payment between the different actors on the platform is not enough to drive adoption. Also, the nature of the platform gives a high velocity to the token, which will push its value downwards in the long run.

Token Distribution: 8/10

Shivom’s token distribution is excellent. The use of a substantial airdrop and bounty program is ideal to facilitate a distribution as widespread as possible. The hardcap is also reasonable for what they are trying to achieve. The only issue is that the founders don’t have a lockup period until they receive their tokens.

State of the Project: 4.3/10

The fact that the project is still in its infancy, with the alpha release scheduled for Q3 2018, is an issue, especially for a project of this size. Shivom does have a detailed roadmap which will allow investors and potential users to see if they are on track or not.

Market: 4.4/10

The genomics market is sizeable and constantly growing, but it is a very niche one. Big players are already well established and gaining market shares will be difficult for Shivom since they will need to onboard a sufficient number of healthcare providers for their platform to be worth using.

ICON score: 5.65/10



At ICON Partners, we find the idea behind this project to be promising, but the token model too weak to hold in the long run. The Shivom platform has many real-world use cases, but it doesn’t offer anything enticing enough for people to use it instead of going to their competitors. The fact that they are not even close to a live release is also an issue because it doesn’t give any confidence to users and investors that they can deliver on what they promise. They do however have a very experienced team that has worked in many startup, which is reassuring.

We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions when investing in an ICO. All the information in this review are either facts or ICON Partners’ opinions and should not be used as investment advice.

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