Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to sell their surplus solar power to their neighbors without a middleman. This is done by tracking the generation and consumption of all trading participants and settling energy trades on pre-determined terms and conditions in near real time. A user simply receives a registration email from their Application Host, they click on a link which takes them to the Power Ledger platform where they create a userID and password. Once logged in they can see their electricity usage and all their P2P trading transaction details.



  • The use of two tokens allows users to be protected from the volatility of the price of POWR
  • Power Ledger already has multiple applications already built so their platform will be usable on day 1
  • The Power Ledger platform is blockchain agnostic which means that they can switch from Ethereum to another blockchain if they find one that better suits their needs



  • Power Ledger only supports solar energy, which is a pretty niche market
  • They depend highly on onboarding energy suppliers to their platform
  • Each country has different laws and regulations concerning energy suppliers, so this will make it harder for Power Ledger to scale to other countries


Network Status

The Power Ledger platform is already up and running.



Q3 2018: – First asset germination event
– Marketing and Partnerships

Q4 2018: – Beta test of new applications

Q2 2019: – Frequent asset germination event
– Transition to public blockchain

Q3 2019: – Powerport and future applications



Power Ledger uses a two tokens model. POWR tokens are the frictionless blockchain tokens that allow Application Hosts and Participants access to and use of the Platform. Sparkz tokens are issued against escrowed POWR tokens, via a Smart Bond, and used by the Application Host to onboard its customers. POWR tokens are required to generate Sparkz. Sparkz are a local market level token and are priced for the exchange market they are deployed in, e.g. In Australia 1 Sparkz = 1 cent AUD. They allow for frictionless transacting throughout the FuseBox applications.


POWR is similar to Grid+ which also allows their users to buy and sell electricity using blockchain technology.


Notable partnerships

Power Ledger is in partnership with Vector Ltd, Western Power and Nest Energy.



POWR is traded on Upbit, Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, Gate.io and Kucoin.


Power Ledger Stack

Power Ledger is an application layer built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.



Telegram: 16,304 members
Twitter: 86,430 followers
Facebook: 20,608 likes


Price history

July-18th-2018: 0.41 USD
June-2018: 0.33 USD
April-2018: 0.27 USD
January-2018: 1.06 USD


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