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Populus (PPT)

Project Description


Populous is a P2P (peer-to-peer) invoice finance platform that is globalizing what is currently a localized and limited market sector. It is a global invoice trading platform built on Blockchain’s distributed ledger technology.

Invoice finance is a form of funding that instantly unlocks the cash tied up in outstanding sales invoices. Business owners allow invoice buyers to buy invoices at a discounted rate in order to unlock their cash quicker. Once invoices are paid by the invoice debtor, the invoice buyer receives the amount previously agreed upon.

Populous uniquely connects business owners with invoice buyers on a global scale by leveraging the security, transparency, and speed of Blockchain via XBRL data, Altman Z-score formula, smart contracts and stable fiat-pegged tokens. Populous eliminates the need for third parties or financial institutions by connecting businesses with global invoice buyers directly. Buyers bid on contracts with fiat currency but those who own PPT get priority over those who don’t.

The flow of funds within the platform is realized by the usage of custom stable currency tokens (Pokens) pegged 1 to 1 with worldwide government’s currencies. Pokens are backed by the funds of investors who deposit funds on the platform to finance invoices. Once invoices are financed by investors, pokens are sent to invoice sellers also known as the borrowers. Pokens can either be exchanged for fiat currency or transferred to an external Ethereum wallet.


– Outstanding invoices are paid within 24 hours

– They tackle a very large market ($2.6 trillion in 2016) that was untapped by blockchain companies


– If the price of PPT drops, then the PPT held as collateral by Populous will be worth less than when the investment was first made

– Populous only supports the United Kingdoms, China and Hong Kong

Network Status

The network is not running yet. The beta came out in December 2017.


The live release is scheduled to be in 3-6 months.


All the decisions concerning the development of the platform are made by the Populous team and holding tokens does not give you any power to influence those decisions.


Populous is similar to Hive because they are both invoice finance platforms based on blockchain technology.

Notable partnerships

Populous is in partnership with Luxure Global Citizen.

Populous Exchange

PPT is traded on Binance, HitBTC and Kucoin.


Populous is an application layer built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


Reddit: 351 subscribers
Twitter: 14.9k followers

Price history

Jan-23-2018: 46.30 USD
Dec-2017: 9.55 USD
Sept-2017: 3.73 USD
July-2017: 2.81 USD

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