PIVX is an open source cryptocurrency that was forked from DASH in February 2016. It is focused on fast private transactions with low transaction fees & environmental footprint. They achieve this with the implementation of different features. The implementation of the Zerocoin protocol converts publicly view-able PIV into anonymous PIV (dubbed by the PIVX team as Zerocoin PIV or zPIV for short). With the SwiftTX feature, transactions are confirmed and spendable within seconds, guaranteed by the network of masternodes, with no need to wait for multiple confirmations in order to be confident in the validity of the transaction.



-Fully private with the implementation of Zerocoin

-Almost instant transactions

-Extremely low fees (<$0.01/tx)



There are already many very popular privacy coins.


Network Status

The PIVX network has been up since February 2016.



Q1 2018:

-Deterministic zPIV Wallet
-zPIV Staking (zPoS)
-iOS Mobile Wallet
-New QT Wallet Design
-In Wallet Proposal Tab
-In Wallet Voting Tab
-Automatic backup on external storage devices
-Ledger Hardware Wallet Masternode Collateral Support
-New PIVX.org Website

Q2 2018:

-zPIV Decentralized Exchange (zDEX)

Q3 2018:

-Community Designed Governance

Q4 2018:

-Elastic Block Sizes
-I2P Network Integration
-U2F Integration
-Dandelion Protocol Integration



PIVX uses a PoS structure that takes in consideration the coin age, meaning in order to get the most out of the staking process, users must keep their wallet open at all times, resulting in more constantly available nodes and strengthening the network.

Additionally, the block rewards received by the staker and winning masternode vary based on the amount of coins held by masternodes versus the amount of coins available for staking on the network. This allows for variable rewards based on the needs of the network to keep the network services (Masternodes) and the security of the network (Staking Wallets) evenly distributed.

10% of newly created PIVX from each block goes to into a pool used to fund future development. In order to spend that money, a Masternode must submit a proposal to disperse it from the treasury, and the majority of other Masternodes must approve that proposal.



PIVX is similar to other privacy coins like DASH, Monero and ZCash.


Notable partnerships

PIVX has no known notable partnerships.



PIVX is traded on Upbit, Binance, Bittrex and YoBit.



PIVX is a blockchain layer.


PIVX Community

Reddit: 7 874 subscribers
Twitter: 60 531 followers
Telegram: 1 479 members


Price history

April-2018: 3.79 USD
March-2018: 5.85 USD
Jan-2018: 10.83 USD
Oct-2017: 3.09 USD

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