The mission of the Noah Project is to consolidate and allow cryptocurrency users (customers, merchants and traders) on board around a very specific and intuitive platform that can integrate all the existing features under the same structure. Noah Coin users will be able to purchase the tokens from Noah Foundation (or from pre-approved digital asset exchanges) to use in any of the Noah Projects, use as a payment system with the Noah Wallet, or send and receive money using the Noah Remit platform.

This platform comprises of remittance, mobile money, and trading services. The customers of The Noah Project are users and supporters of the platform who have an interest in Japanese-Filipino market opportunities, people who are already using cryptocurrencies but are looking for avenues to diversify and contribute in worthwhile endeavors between the two nations. The Noah Platform is optimized to provide the best services to help its users to embrace the best experience in utilizing cryptocurrency in its specific projects and developments.

The Ark Wallet is a cryptocurrency application that will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and allow users to make payments in the Noah ecosystem.

The Ark Remittance platform will allow users to send money to the Philippines from Japan using a web-based application. Users will be able to use cryptocurrencies and the token of the platform to remit to the Philippines faster, cheaper, and easier than traditional methods of money transfer.

The main Noah Projects will be Noah City, built on Horizon Manila’s 419 hectares reclaimed land project in the City of Manila and Noah Resort in Zamboanga del Norte. The Noah Coin can be used as a token to receive discounts from any part of Noah City, and as currency in all parts of the Noah Resort. In Noah Resort, by using the Noah Coin, users will be able to access three tennis courts, billiards a bowling alley, a world class golf course, horseback riding, ATVing, ziplining, rock climbing, wakeboarding, a fully fitted airsoft facility, and much more. Every Noah Coin user will be given exclusive access to this resort, with discounts given for purchases.



– Unique and innovative project tailored to specific customers

– No direct competitors for their main projects



– Even if it is the project’s core challenge, targeting population with a 3% credit card penetration is a very high hurdle

– There are a multitude of variable outside of the team’s control that could make building their city and resorts unfeasible

– The resources needed for a project of that magnitude are unpredictable and might refrain an investor from trusting the roadmap


Network Status

The Noah network is in development; the Ark Wallet is available to download.



Q3 2018: Ark Remittance platform launch

2022: NOAH tokens are usable in the Noah Resorts

2023: NOAH tokens are usable in the Noah City



There are no voting rights associated with the token



The Noah platform is similar to many other exchanges having their own wallets and currencies, but is differencing itself by building and having physical assets like Noah City and Noah Resort.


Notable partnerships

Their partners include Nipon Pay, SCI, and Horizon Manila.



Noah Coin is traded on HitBTC, YoBit.net, Changelly and more.



Noah is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.


Noah Coin Community

Twitter: 7,111 followers

Facebook: 60,649 followers

Telegram: 3,825 members


Price history

October 10th, 2018: 0.0026$
August 2018: 0.0011$
June 2018: 0.0074$
March 2018: 0.037$

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