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Project Description

Nem Purpose

NEM is built from scratch as a streamlined platform for application developers of all kinds, not just as a digital currency. NEM is built around a powerful system for customizing your use of the blockchain.

Their Smart Asset System, gives you the power to use NEM as if it were a custom blockchain built for your application and your assets. Rather than force you to write your own “smart contract” code from scratch or use off-blockchain methods of defining custom assets for your business, NEM gives you direct API access to a specialized set of tested and secure on-blockchain features.


– You can build a decentralized blockchain or a private blockchain by using the same underlying code

– The Smart Asset System makes it very easy to customize your smart contracts

– Smart contracts are executed off chain and they are recorded on the blockchain afterwards.


– They lack exposure to the western world because they are only traded on Bittrex and Poloniex

– Their PoI protocol encourages transactions which pushes the market value down.

Network Status

The network is currently live. Their new update, Catapult, was released in May 2018 after three years of beta testing.


An enterprise version of Catapult coming with open source and commercial licensing, is planned for the second half of 2018.


NEM uses the Proof-of-Importance (PoI) protocol to verify transactions. Users must vest at least 10 000 XEM to create a node. When a block is harvested (created), the transaction fees associated with it are delivered to the harvester’s account.

The importance of a user is not only determined by their amount of vested XEM but also by their NEM transaction volume and trust level.

It is also possible to have a supernode by having at least 3,000,000 XEM. Having an active supernode rewards you around 320 XEM per day.

Notable partnerships

NEM has partnerships with many companies, the most notable being: Tech Bureau and Blockchain Global.


Traded on Bittrex, Poloniex and on many Asian exchanges.


NEM is a blockchain layer.


Reddit: 17 688 subscribers
Twitter: 209k followers

Price history

July 2018: 0,163 USD
Jan 2018: 1,4 USD
Dec 2017: 0,223 USD
Sept 2017: 0,327 USD
July 2017: 0,151 USD

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