Mithril is a decentralized social media platform on the Ethereum Blockchain. MITH will integrate into new and existing social media networks to reward content creators for contributions to the network. Mithril MITH will leverage blockchain technology to ensure that transactions are secure and safe for all participants. This technology revolves around decentralized data storage that can record transactions between parties in an efficient, trustless, and immutable manner.

Mithril launched their own story sharing app called Lit that is fully integrated within the Mithril ecosystem.

Mithril tokens will soon be accepted throughout the MITH Merchant Network, with online applications such as dating services, premium content channels, and live-stream applications, or retailers, starting with INST.RECYCLE.



  • Content creators will be able to get remunerated for the value they generate in social networks
  • The Lit platform is already up and its userbase is growing steadily
  • The Vault feature will give useful stats to users and content creators, like how much MITH they will receive for each piece of content



  • The success of MMITH depends on other social media platforms joining their ecosystem
  • Since it is increasingly difficult to “mine” MITH, it becomes less and less interesting for content creators to use the platform if the price of MITH doesn’t rise as fast as the mining difficulty increases.


Network Status

The Mithril network has been up since Q1 2018 and the Lit platform was released in Q2 2018.


Mithril MITH Roadmap

Q3 2018: – MITH Shift & Vault launching

Q4 2018: – MITH Shift adding Bitcoin(more ER20 tokens)
– MITH Vault Payment development

Q1 2019: – Mithril Shift release
– MITH Vault Payment (Alpha and Beta)
– MITH Merchant Network development

Q2 2019: – Ad Network (Alpha)
– Vault Merchant Network on boarding



MITH introduces “Social Mining” which rewards users for using the platform. When a user produces valuable, user-generated content on the network, they will earn MITH via Social Mining. Their mining rewards will be directly linked to their influence and success as a contributor on the network.

35% of the total Mithril pool will be available for users to mine via Social Mining. For the next several years, a total of 350 Million MITH will be distributed to users of the Mithril network through Social Mining. The MITH quantity that is available for discovery will be halved annually over the course of a predetermined number of years.



Mithril is similar to other cryptocurrencies aiming to reward content creators on social media like Steem, Reddcoin and Gifto.


Notable partnerships

MITH is partnered with QTUM Foundation, Sora Foundation and Blockstate.



MITH is traded on Bithumb, OKEx and HitBTC.



Mithril is an application layer built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.



Telegram: 15 808 members
Twitter: 1 554 followers
Reddit: 148 subscribers


Price history

Aug-30-2018: 0.31 USD
July-1st-2018: 0.46 USD
April-19-2018: 1.06 USD
April-1st-2018: 0.45 USD
March-24-2018: 0.09 USD

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