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IOStoken (IOST)

Project Description


IOS is a next-generation blockchain technology that provides the network infrastructure to support a service-oriented ecosystem. The IOStoken platform not only provides its users a completely decentralized way to exchange online services and digital goods, but also enables developers to deploy large scale dApps with the ability to support massive number of users. With a series of groundbreaking innovations, such as Efficient Distributed Sharding (EDS) and Believable-First consensus approach, they are able to increase the system’s throughput enormously while guaranteeing security.

In the IOS system, IOStoken (IOST) serves as the medium of exchange for all transactions and commission fees. More importantly, IOS also plays an important role in calculating a user’s believability score.



  • The IOS blockchain can process up to 100,000 transactions per second
  • IOS is very scalable due to their Efficient Distributed Sharding
  • Smart contracts can be developed using any mainstream programming language



  • They are still very far from a working product
  • Since they created their own consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Believability, it has not yet been extensively tested


Network Status

IOS just launched a private testnet. The mainnet is scheduled to launch in Q3 2019.



Q2 2018: Implementing and testing EDS and PoB on the testnet (v0.5 Janus)
Q3 2018: Releasing IOS smart contract draft
Q4 2018: Deploying HUDS and supporting modules to the testnet (v0.7 Nikes)
Q1 2019: Deploying IOSVM to the testnet (v0.9 Hermes)
Q2 2019: Testing and security audit of the IOS network
Launching the IOS network client and wallet
Q3 2019: Official release of the IOS network (v1.0 Athena)
Q4 2019: Launching dApps to the IOS network
Optimization with machine learning implementation


IOStoken Governance

IOStoken designed the Proof-of-Believability mechanism to eliminate the need for an energy-hungry proof-of-work protocol, which stands as a barrier to blockchain scaling up for widespread adoption. Believability of a node is calculated based on contribution and behaviors. Meanwhile fairness is ensured with algorithmic randomness.



IOS is similar to other blockchain platforms like Ethereum and NEO. It is also similar to Zilliqa since they both use sharding to increase the scalability of their blockchain.


Notable partnerships

IOS is in partnership with Codecademy, Skillshares and General Assembly.



IOST is traded on Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Kucoin and BigONE.



IOS is a blockchain layer.



Telegram: 39,076 members
Twitter: 206,934 followers
Reddit: 3,067 subscribers


Price history

May-8th-2018: 0.069 USD
April-1st-2018: 0.021 USD
March-1st-2018: 0.034 USD
Jan-15th-2018: 0.023 USD

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