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Hshares (HSR)

Project Description


Hshares aims to combine the security of blockchain with the high throughput of DAG technology to provide interoperable solutions to existing chains and build their own Hive ecosystem.

Despite of the ability to be traded unrestrictedly on some centralized exchange platforms, tokens native to a DAG technology, due to the fundamental differences in the underlying systems, can only circulate within their own blockchains, and would not be able to move freely from blockchain-based to blockless systems or vice versa.

Hcash platform is designed to be the sidechain for both blockchain-based and blockless systems, so it can achieve free flow of value and information between the two.

Hshares are a placeholder for early investors in the ICO. After the Hcash main chain is launched, the holders of Hshare can redeem any Hshare they have in any online exchanges or with Hcash official team for Hcash at a rate of 1 Hshare = 1 Hcash.



  • Quantum resistant
  • Private transactions through the zero-knowledge proof model
  • The Hcash platform will be the bridge between blockchain-based tokens and blockless systems tokens
  • Takes the best of both PoW and PoS



  • Extremely ambitious project. There are doubts that the Hcash team will be able to deliver
  • No working product yet
  • Very small community


Network Status

The network is not up yet. The testing phase started in December 2017.


HShares Roadmap

February 2018: Release of the Mainnet.



In Hcash, key blocks will be confirmed by certain voting tickets. Both PoW and PoS miners play important roles on the consensus of the system. With this hybrid scheme, Hcash can further implement a basic DAO to provide PoW and PoS miners a mechanism for future protocol updates and project investments. This scheme supports SegWit, and will allow for lightning network and post-quantum signature schemes.

In the Hcash system, 5% of the coins will be sent to a DAO, and all Hcash holders can determine the use of funds through a real-time dynamic voting system, for example, development of wallets and other infrastructures, or carrying out marketing campaign and other public relation activities.



Hcash is similar to IOTA and RaiBlocks since it uses a DAG based distributed ledger. It is also similar to Zcash since it uses the same zero-knowledge proof model.


Notable partnerships

Hcash has 3 research partners : Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Monash University.



HSR is traded on Binance, OKEx, Huobi and Coinnest.



Hcash is a blockchain layer.



Reddit: 275 subscribers
Twitter: 8 837 followers


Price history

Jan-25-2018: 9.43 USD
Dec-2017: 15.44 USD
Aug-20-2017: 20.38 USD

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