Horizen (Zen) is a fork from ZClassic. It is an end-to-end-encrypted system with zero-knowledge technology over which communications, data, or value can be securely transmitted and stored. It is an integration of technologies that create a system over which innovation can accelerate by combining three functions that are traditionally done separately: 1) transactions 2) communication, and 3) competitive governance. This is done in a secure and anonymous manner, using a worldwide distributed blockchain and computing infrastructure. The system integrates multiple best-in-class technologies to form an open platform for permissionless innovation that can evolve with user preferences.

Zen’s framework is a secure, privacy-oriented infrastructure with a governance system structured to enable participants to collaboratively extend functionality in many dimensions. Opportunities include hosting of individual identification data, selective proof of title for property, decentralized banking services, privacy-preserving p2p/b2b asset exchange, mutual aid societies, p2p insurance, decentralized humanitarian aid mechanisms, or use purely as an anonymous token of value.

Zen will incorporate secure messaging within shielded transactions, so users can agree on the transaction, send it, and then verify receipt.



– Horizen is always building and upgrading to become a better version of itself

– It forked from ZClassic and is using a proven technology in a more decentralized way

– Having a system with free proposals pushes innovation and creativity in the community



– They are competing with multiple very big players in their respective industries (Ethereum and NEM as a DApp platform or ZCash and ZClassic as a zero-knowledge currency)

– Although anyone can vote (or submit proposals), the fact that the voting tokens (1440 per voting period) are sold or distributed to certain groups (ex: mining pools, exchanges carrying ZEN, project developers, etc) can centralize the decisive power


Network Status

The Horizen network is live.



2018 (Research and Development): DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System; Scaling study – next generation blockchain solution; Domain Fronting; ZenPub Protocol-level


2019 (Deliver to Market): DAO Treasury Protocol-level Voting System; Dandelion++ Integration for Network Stack Anonymity; Scalability Solution; IPFS published on Secure Nodes



Their philosophy on governance is that they do not know a priori the best approach, but have some ideas for how to initialize the system and enable it to evolve with the needs of the community. They believe in Governance as a Service (GaaS) and aim to efficiently provide value to their direct stakeholders.

They propose a system of free and open competition for DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that is designed to encourage groups of high-performing functional area experts and professionals to propose their leadership in specialized domains.

Each DAO will have its own structure, processes, and priorities, but one consistent mechanism will be a system of free and open proposal submissions for work and an evaluation and award process. There will be a voting period every two months, for which voting tokens will be distributed or available for sale.

At launch, Zen will have one DAO staffed with respected professionals that span relevant industries. When the governance plan is ready for implementation, this DAO will be one proposed grouping subject to market competition for others who might wish to stand up their own governance structures; the broad community will make that decision.

For block creation, it uses an Equihash hashing algorithm, which is a memory-hard, proof-of-work (PoW) mining algorithm based on the generalized Birthday Problem and Wagner’s algorithm.


Horizen Similarities

Horizen is similar to ZCash, Dash, Monero, and other privacy-augmented cryptocurrencies (mainly other zero-knowledge currencies using zk-SNARKs). Being a DApp platform makes it similar to Ethereum, NEM, Lisk and other.


Notable partnerships

Their partners are Input/Output Hong Kong, Code Particle, Blue Frontier, Infopulse and BitGive.



Horizen is listed on Binance, Bittrex, Upbit and more.



Horizen is its own blockchain.



Twitter: 24.1k

Reddit: 933

Telegram: 6,031


Price history

September 26th, 2018: 16.01$
August 2018: 26.05$
June 2018: 30.32$
March 2018: 40.14$

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