Dropil is a crypto investment platform that provides autonomous trading and cryptocurrency analysis with a set of automated bots. The platform, referred as Dex, was designed and programmed exclusively in-house; as well as their smart arbitrage bot which is providing information about arbitrage opportunities as soon as they happen.

The platform doesn’t have transaction or management fees; holding their DROP token will grant access to the services.

Dex uses a pooling approach for each trading mode, this means that all users of the same mode, or risk type, contribute to, and receive returns, from that mode’s pool.  This allows a bigger advantage to all traders through diversification, especially in regards to safety of returns.

The platform itself only trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ripple, Monero, ZCash and Dash, but is linked to other main exchanges in order to trade most of that available coins.



– It is possible to withdraw money at any time

– No transaction fees



– They rely a lot on arbitrage opportunities which works in a new ecosystem but might not be sustainable once the markets regulate themselves

– All the optimization and decision science behind the trades are kept secret in the company, making it less desirable to the advanced trader


Network Status

The Dropil platform is not live yet


Dropil Roadmap

In the “near future”, they plan on modifying their valuation method by having a distinction between the capital in your account and the DROP token value. That means that if 100 tokens are worth $100 USD and the price drops from $1 USD to $0.90 USD per token, your capital stays $100 USD even if your DROPs are valued at $90 USD.

Q3 2018: Truwho partnership, KYC verification and new valuation methods

Q4 2018: Integrate their SmartWallet and adding new exchanges

Q1 2019: The addition of a full suite “smart” crypto exchange to the ecosystem and a mobile application



Dropil uses a proof of stake method. The system has the DROP tokens for investment and storage; they are necessary to use the platform’s functions and services.



Dropil is similar to Enigma, Bittrex, BitMex and other trading platforms but focuses more on the technical bots trading and the code behind, instead of the variety of coin available on their platform since they are connected to other exchanges.


Notable partnerships

No notable partnership yet, but Truwho is planned for September 2018.


DROP is listed on Idax, Tidex and Idex.


Dropil is a trading protocol.



Twitter: 7k

Reddit: 486

Telegram: 881


Price history

August 15, 2018: 0.003$
July 2018: 0.005$
May 2018: 0.0055$


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