Project Description

Project overview

The protocol is a special purpose decentralized data exchange protocol. This protocol is intended to incentivize the exchange of work experience, reviews and professional connections, and can be expanded to include any type of shareable data. Applications will receive tokens for data exchange.
Anyone can use the protocol and easily port their data to and from participating applications. Users have access to automatically updated profile information, employment history data, and any type of platform data in an integrated fashion. Hence, they will not be bound to any single platform for their employment data, freelancing, or personal reviews.
Data providers are special on-chain non-user accounts which can request to push signed data to the users’ profile. It is important to note that the application does not publish data directly to the blockchain, but rather sends it to each user individually. Examples of such data would be CV updates, platform reviews and ratings, freelance transactional data, Git commits, application specific data, and so on.

Token model

The protocol is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, therefore its token, DOCK, is an ERC20 token.
The token is necessary to applications to be part of the platform. When an application wants to pull data from the protocol, they must pay the application that put said data there. This also means that when an application’s data is used by another application, they receive tokens. If multiple applications pull the same data, the tokens are burned. This is to prevent an application from being paid multiple times for the same data.
It is important to note that users are not rewarded tokens for putting their data on the platform because it would incentivize bad behavior. For example, they could fill their profile with tons of fake info just to get paid or they could create fake accounts.
Beyond the token being used as a means of exchange within the contract system, it is also possible for token holders to vote in a regular poll on what next features should be developed for the contract system. This is important because is intended to both give sovereignty over their data back to the user, as well as incentivize application ecosystem collaboration. The token is intended to solve the Commons problem of data sharing for the web as a whole. Therefore, adding a polling mechanism is a way to have on-chain governance of this new commons.


The whitepaper is professional and well structured. The token model and the usage of the token on the platform, however, are not as detailed as they could be. For instance, they don’t even give an estimate on how much the costs and fees on the platform would be.
Also, they mention a few issues that could happen with the protocol being built on top of Ethereum, like the need for users and application to own ETH and DOCK to use the platform and the scalability issues, but they don’t have a rigid plan to fix these issues. They only enumerate possible solutions.
These issues wouldn’t be as bad if the project was just in its infancy, but since they already have a live application, those are the kind of problems that should already be fixed, or at least be included in their near-future roadmap.


Nick Macario – Co-Founder Previously founder of Nick is a multi-time founder and technology executive with an exit. His previous company was, a professional networking site which grew to millions of users and was recognized for many awards and publications.
Elina Cadouri – Co-Founder Previously Co-founder Elina is a multi-time founder and veteran marketplace operator. Her previous company was, a freelance marketplace transacting tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue.
Stenli Duka – CTO Previously @ MotiveMetrics Stenli is a seasoned full-stack engineer and has led multiple teams. His passion is machine learning, natural language processing and complex algorithms. He previously spent time at Motive Metrics as the Director of Engineering.
Evgeniy Zabolotniy – Lead Blockchain Engineer Previously @ Evgeniy brings over 10 years of experience as a systems architect, developer and security specialist. Previously he worked with Nick at as part of the founding team and has been a core team member for over 3 years.
The team is very solid and has experience in both the industry and entrepreneurship. Both co-founders have successfully led projects to high levels in the past. Also, the fact that they have blockchain engineers in house means that they will not have to rely extensively on their advisors for the core of the programming, which is always risky.


February 22nd, 2018: Tokens Become Transferrable & Usable in the Network
Early Q2 2018: Partner Integration
Q2 2018: Additional Partner Integrations
Q4 2018: Network Data Exchange

ICO terms 

The token started on February 21st, 2018
Ticker: DOCK Token type: ERC20 ICO Token Price: 1 DOCK = 0.0670 USD Hardcap: 20,000,000 USD Sold on pre-sale: 12,000,000 USD (40% bonus, lockup for 50% tokens by 4 months) Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 Available for Token Sale: 30% Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH / 1 ETH (first 4 hours) Accepts: ETH
There is a reward program to incentivize users to invite others to the platform. Each new user that someone brings to the platform with their referral link rewards them 3$ worth of DOCK. has an ongoing airdrop that rewards participants for every social media they link to their platform. also has a 150 000$ bounty campaign on bitcoin talk.

Token distribution



Telegram: 62 434 members
Twitter: 28 653 followers
Reddit: 10 593 subscribers


– Already have a working product
– Partnership with gives privileged access to over 2m users
– Very experienced team
– Backed by respected investing funds (1kx and Blockwater Capital among others)

Red flags

– Some information concerning the token model is unclear like whether they will re-create burned tokens or not
– Dependent on Ethereum scaling solutions
– As long as Linkedin is not a partner, the usability of the platform is greatly diminished
– The team has not provided any information regarding the project’s economy or a plan for the use of proceeds


Team: 7.7/10
The fact that they already have 12 experienced team members experienced in entrepreneurship, networking website and blockchain is very impressive. The only problem with their team is that all their advisors except one are investors. It would have been interesting to see the involvement of industry insiders among the advisory board.
Token Model: 6.5/10
Their token model is interesting since only applications need to hold and interact with tokens as opposed to users monetizing their own data. The token also gives voting rights to holders, which increases decentralization. The only problem is that they are dependent on Ethereum fixing their scaling issue for the platform to be efficient with a high userbase.
Token Distribution: 6.2/10
By doing a bounty campaign, an airdrop and a referral program, really makes sure that all future users of the platform receive a certain amount of tokens, which is good. They however keep 20% of the tokens for themselves which are vested fairly quickly over 2 years. There is also 10% of tokens in cold storage for 2 years, but it is not said anywhere what those tokens will be used for.
State of the Project: 5.5/10
They already have a working platform, which is a huge plus when looking at a new project. However, their roadmap is vague and only short-term. They also don’t communicate very well with their users as exampled by the limited amount of original posts on Medium and Twitter and lack of details on certain aspects of the project.
Market: 7/10
The professional social media market is obviously enormous and fast-growing, which is excellent for The problem is that this market is already saturated by major companies such as Linkedin. They will need to really incentivize new users for them to join their platform.
ICON Score: 6.6/10 Conclusion

At Icon Partners, we feel that they have a strong enough team to make this project a success. However, there are too many red flags for us to ignore. The fact that they seem uncertain about some very important details about the token model and the future scalability of the platform is concerning. Also, they need to be more transparent with their users about what they have planned for the future of the platform and what the funds raised in the ICO will be used for. They have already managed to raise their hardcap of 20M$ which shows the hype within the community about this project, but they will need to address their issues if they want to keep their userbase growing after the referral program and airdrop ends.
We encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions when investing in an ICO. All the information in this review are either facts or ICON Partners’ opinions and should not be used as investment advice.

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This document is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in this document are not, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations.

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