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BitShares (BTS)

Project Description

Bitshares Purpose

BitShares 2.0 is an industrial-grade decentralized platform built for high-performance financial smart contracts. The decentralized exchange that allows for trading of arbitrary pairs without counterparty risk facilitates only one out of many available features. Market-pegged assets, such as the bitUSD, are crypto tokens that come with all the advantages of traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin but trade for at least the value of their underlying asset, e.g. $1.

Furthermore, BitShare represents the first decentralized autonomous company that lets its shareholders decide on its future direction and products.


  • Bitshares is actually a Decentralized “Meta” Exchange. Many exchanges can be connected to Bitshare and the orders are all matched on the blockchain, so people can’t manipulate it
  • With BitShares, you can take short positions, issue bonds, get your options (BitUSD, BitGold, BitSilver, BitOil etc.)
  • Very fast transaction speed (1.5 sec/tx)


  • The UI is not very intuitive
  • No ability to enable 2-factor authentication on the exchange

Network Status

The BitShares network is up since 2014


In 2018, BitShares plans to release BitShare 3.0, implement BTC as a sidechain, create lending/leverage markets, add vote expiration and runner up witnesses.


BitShares uses a dPoS consensus algorithm. The DPOS algorithm is divided into two parts: electing a group of block producers and scheduling production. The election process makes sure that stakeholders are ultimately in control because stakeholders lose the most when the network does not operate smoothly.


BitShare is similar to Waves as they are both decentralized exchanges with their own native tokens.

Notable partnerships

BitShares is going to announce 4 major partnerships in the upcoming weeks.


BTS is traded on Binance and Poloniex.


BitShare is a blockchain layer.


Reddit: 6 151 subscribers
Twitter: 66.2k followers

Price history

Jan-29-2018: 0.475 USD
Dec-2017: 0.14 USD
Sept-2017: 0.146 USD
July-2017: 0.22 USD

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