Brave is a fast, open source, privacy-focused browser that blocks third party ads and trackers, and builds in a ledger system that measures user attention to reward publishers accordingly. Brave is powered by BAT (Basic Attention Token), a token for a decentralized ad exchange. It compensates the browser user for attention while protecting privacy. BAT connects advertisers, publishers, and users and is denominated by relevant user attention, while removing social and economic costs associated with existing ad networks, e.g., fraud, privacy violations, and malvertising. BAT is a payment system that rewards and protects the user while giving better conversion to advertisers and higher yield to publishers.



  • Internet users are rewarded for watching ads
  • All data concerning user behavior stays private since it never leaves the platform and because the browser automatically blocks third-party trackers
  • Advertisers get a better ROI because they know that their ads will be watched by users who will be interested in them
  • The Brave browser loads faster than all other browsers because of its ad blocking feature



  • Currently, the different features of the BAT ecosystem are only available to users using the Brave browser.


Network Status

Brave and the BAT integration is up and running.



BAT Apollo (rest of 2018)

  • Real ad revenue that scales with user growth; further UGP grants & growth hacks
  • Donation flow fee revenue, smaller but scaled as far as possible via incentives to users who get BAT revenue from ads and want to give back to their pinned and top sites
  • Major work to move from Brave Ledger confirmation and revenue flows to entirely decentralized on Ethereum flows using a state channel with ZKP for anonymity
  • Evolved BAM options based on premium attention models — price discovery at high end
  • Aggregated, large-anonymity-set reports and forecasts on the Ethereum blockchain, with competitive demand (advertiser) and supply (publisher) dashboards for performance measurement, optimization and sales planning
  • BAT integration into other apps based on open source & specs for greater ad buying leverage and publisher on-boarding



In the ecosystem, advertisers will give publishers BATs based on the measured attention of users. Users will also receive some BATs for participating. They can donate them back to publishers or use them on the platform. This transparent system keeps user data private while delivering fewer but more relevant ads. Publishers experience less fraud while increasing their percentage of rewards and advertisers get better reporting and performance.



BAT is similar to other decentralized ad exchanges such as Ubex, AdEx and Thrive.


Notable partnerships

BAT is partnered with Dow Jones Media group, TownSquare Media and with YouTubers Bart Baker and Phillip DeFranco.



BAT is traded on Binance, Upbit, Bittrex, Huobi, Gate.io and most ERC20 decentralized exchanges.


Basic Attention Token Stack

Basic Attention Token is an application layer built on top of Ethereum.



Telegram: 3,459 members
Twitter: 84,315 followers
Reddit: 18,738 subscribers


Price history

July-25th-2018: 0.33 USD
June-2018: 0.27 USD
April-2018: 0.18 USD
January-2018: 0.41 USD


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