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Ardor (ARDR)

Project Description


Ardor is a scalable blockchain platform where businesses, organizations, and users can create child chains with their own token for their blockchain needs. These child chains will be powered and secured by the Ardor main chain as well as be able to access all of the available features such as shuffling, asset creation and trading, aliasing, phasing, and many more.

Ardor solves the problem of having to store and process large amounts of non-essential long-term data in the blockchain, by separating the tokens providing blockchain security from those used for regular transactions. The parent chain will be used to help secure the child chains as well as the processes therein. Though there are transactions that can be done in the Main Chain, most features will only be accessible on the Child Chain. This is aimed at helping to reduce bloating on the blockchain.


– The ARDR platform makes it very easy for anyone without any programming skills to create their own child chain

– No main chain bloating since every organization has its own child chain


– Since there is very little activity on the Ardor network, the rewards for staking your ARDR are very low at this time

– There is increasing competition among BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platforms. The winner(s) will need to secure major partnerships with enterprises and Fortune 500

Network Status

The Ardor network went live on January 1st, 2018.


Q1 2018: Resolve any issues discovered post-launch and ensure stability
Q2 2018: Pruning features activation on Testnet
Q3 2018: Pruning features implemented on Mainnet


Uses a PoS consensus protocol. Users can stake their tokens to create a node (min 1000 ARDR) which rewards them when a block is created. The Ardor team needs the majority of the nodes to accept any changes they make or else it won’t happen.


Other Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms include Stratis and Lisk.

Notable partnerships

Ardor is partnered with the European Bank Mistertango, Blonde 2.0 (PR firm) and Tel Aviv Capital.


ARDR is traded on Poloniex and HitBTC.

Ardor Stack

Ardor is a blockchain layer.


Reddit: 5 606 subscribers
Twitter: 59.2k followers

Price history

Jan-30-2018: 0.97 USD
Dec-2017: 0.35 USD
Sept-2017: 0.14 USD
July-2017: 0.21 USD

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