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01/22/18 Market Review

Project Description

A collection of notes about what happened over the last three days in the crypto and ICO world. I find it useful for anyone wanting to keep its finger on the market’s pulse.

This document is intended for informational purposes only. The views expressed in this document are not, and should not be construed as, investment advice or recommendations.

In the news:

TRX: Tron // XRP: RIpple // BAT: Basic Attention Token // EOS: Eos // KNC: Kyber Network // EMC2: Einsteinium // MONA: Monacoin // BCC: Bitconnect // KMD: Komodo // VRT: Vertcoin // DAI: Maker // CARBON: Carboncoin


** Recovery **

TRX was leading the pack with a price jump of almost 100% after announcing the english version of their hit game about puppies.

TRX is fighting hard to rank 1st among the most polarizing coins — where it’s competing against XRP and everything parading as a stable coin.

XRP was in fact close on TRX heels that day with a price increase of 75.99%. Still valued at a third of its previous highs though.

As for stable coins, let’s address them in the bigger picture.

BAT was another top gainer at 74.45% after distributing $1m to its users to entice product adoption.

Seems like hype and free money are the surest ways to a quick recovery nowadays in crypto markets.

Overall, recovery was achieved at a similar pace across all caps.

There were no losers on that day. In crypto markets, we leave no men behind.


** Recovery continued **

Pumps were cap agnostic. Large cap EOS, mid cap KNC and small cap EMC2, all improved ~25%.

Interestingly, order book depth didn’t seem to be a key driver for pump. Except for FRST, of course.

MONA increased 34.76%. Earlier this week it only dropped 31% vs mid caps down an average 89%. Once again MONA was more resilient then average.

BCC was finally reacting to all the bad news and dropped 18.59%.


KMD was back in the news improving 23% after another successful atomic swap demo between KMD and HUSH.

VTC too was high up and increasing 23% with signs of progress towards Trezor integration.

It’s good to see price changes driven by actual progress for once

The bigger picture:

A price drop is a welcomed test to assess stable coins capacity to play their part.

Notably, DAI was able to take a 30% price drop in its collateral without nudging itself.
A major success that went largely unnoticed.

However, CARBON saw it’s price decrease 60% demonstrating that it’s easier to expend rather then contract money supply.

That is 1–0 for collateral-backed vs seigniorage stable coins then.

For people experiencing increasing difficulty to convert their gains back to fiat, stable coins are an interesting temporary fix. An unforeseen use case.

We shall keep an eye on them.

Happy hodling!

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