Our approach.

ICON is a financial firm tailored to the token economy that helps institutional investors and venture capitalists generate yield with their cryptoasset portfolio.

Our Mission.

We aim to ensure the security and the growth of crypto networks while paving the way for institutional capital in the space.

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Meet the Team

Founded by a team of Venture Capitalists and Asset Managers with a deep passion and knowledge of Blockchain technologies, ICON Partners will vote, validate and stake in networks it believes have the most potential to impact the Web 3.0 while providing all the tools needed for proper asset management.

Baz Karam

CoFounder & CTO
A Managing Partner at The Crypto Fund and former Lead Software Engineer at Augur, Baz brings in 18 years of experience as a team lead and architect as well as valuable expertise in blockchain-based systems

Yannick Folla

CoFounder & CEO
A Managing Partner at Residence Ventures and early team member at White Star Capital, Yannick brings substantial investing and advising experience. To follow his passion for crypto, he supported venture-backed startups in their tokenization process over the last 2 years.

Jean-Frédéric Loué

CoFounder & COO
With his background in management and technology consulting, Jean-Frédéric brings more than 15 years of experience managing complex IT/Operations projects. Blockchain enthusiast since 2013, he is involved in crypto mining / staking operations and in the design of Ethereum dApps.

Our Advisors

Ryan Lackey

Security Expert
Ryan has over 20 years of experience building, securing, and operating advanced and novel payment systems. He left MIT to launch an anonymous token system in the 1990s. founded HavenCo (the world’s first offshore datahaven), build a Chaumian blinded-token library, and has assisted with security for multiple successful ICOs

Douglas Barnes

Doug has a fifteen-year career in the IT field that progressed from developing banking and accounting software to co-founding security software company C2Net (now part of Red Hat). During this time he also worked as a systems programmer for IBM, was Vice President of Consulting at Securify/Kroll-O’Gara and co-founded IO.com, one of the first commercial Internet Service Providers.
Doug has been admitted to practice law in New York since 2006, after receiving a JD from the University of Texas with high honors.

Max Kogler

Quantitative Research
Max has over two decades of experience in data-driven decision making across different industries. He has a graduate degree in Pure Mathematics from Cambridge University where he studied Extremal Graph Theory and Information Theory. Max has worked at Goldman Sachs and Mitchell Madison Group and has worked in artificial intelligence, quantitative finance, film analytics. Max also has an MBA from Stanford University.

Tonimir Kisasondi

Security Expert
Tonimir Kisasondi is a security expert with over 10 years of experience in security architecture, application security and applied cryptography. After completing his PhD in information security, specifically the area of cryptanalysis, he focused on applying his skills to help various clients in the IT, R&D, telecommunications and financial sector. This focus is on designing and developing secure systems and reviewing existing systems for security issues.

Thomas Barker

Blockchain Architect
Graduating from the University of Warwick in 2004, Thomas wrote the words ‘Digital money techniques allow creation of unforgeable tokens’ in the future research section of his final report. Sadly he is not Satoshi, but does bring with him over a decade of engineering experience within FinTech. Thomas was the first outside technology hire of both P2P lending market Zopa, now valued over £400m, and BullionVault, a retail gold broker with Assets-Under-Management of over $2bn. He has been involved in the Ethereum community from the start. Attending every Devcon across three continents, and recently architected a significant smart contracts PoC for a major UK bank. As well as advising ICON Partners, Thomas works on his pet Solidity projects and consults for a number of clients across Europe.

Frank Schuil

Cryptocurrency Expert
As CEO & Co-founder of Safello, Frank is heading the efforts to onboard people into the cryptocurrency economy in a safe and compliant way. Safello is a Techstars alumni, nominated “best cryptocurrency company” by Techcrunch The Europas twice, winner of the Web Summit Angels’ Choice Awards, Finalist of the BBVA Challenge and the first company to close a Bitcoin proof-of-concept with a tier I bank, Barclays. Frank is a frequent speaker and moderator at events such as TEDx, Money2020, Coinsummit, Blockchain Week and the Digital Currency Summit. He is the City Leader for the distributed angel investment network BitAngels and through his investment firm Rhino Ventures he made early investments in cryptocurrencies and participated in the token sales of Ethereum, Civic, Polymath and others. Hot Topic listed Frank as one of the 100 most influential people in FinTech globally.